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To lose weight while staying healthy and fit is one of the reasons why most people slave over at the gym or try to find the best effective weight loss product on the market without the usual side effects, but usually ending up in vain. That is, until the locals of Cameroon, Africa stumbled upon a fruit that is not only unique but also has super benefits: the African Mango that was later made into African Mango Diet Pills.

Yes, most people are often sceptical about using weight loss products these days because they do not know if the claims are true or not or if the product will actually deliver as promised. There are too much bogus products out there! BUT African Mango Diet Pills products like African Mango Plus is the real thing, the answer to your dream of getting your body back in just a few months without risking your money or worse yet, your health.

Speed up your metabolism with African Mango Diet Pills!

Slow metabolism means extra fat and extra fat means extra weight and it’s not sexy or healthy at all! Nobody ever wants that. And the sad part is sometimes, slow metabolism can also affect our health in a serious way. Metabolism is described as a particular amount of energy our body burns in a daily cycle.

In desperate attempts to quickly lose weight, people tend to pay no attention to their body’s essential requirements such as balanced calorie intake, protein, carbohydrates and essential fats. Most of the time, they tend to cut their calorie intake without proper consultation and fitness plan from a dietary care professional which leads them to more trouble. Our body needs balance for it to function exactly as it was made to function.

This time, people do not need to worry because they can now go natural all the way! They can forget about unhealthy dieting and hours and hours of sweating in gyms. With African Mango pills – literally weight loss pills- you can lose unnecessary fat without too much hassle. Made from seed extracts called Dikka nuts that produce Irvingia Gabonesis which is a high-fibber substance, African Mango is the best way to go! Aside from its medicinal benefits, it surely proves itself that it has significant effect not only on speeding up metabolism that induces our body’s fat burning capabilities, but it helps our body detoxify as well, thus resulting in noticeable weight loss.

Lower your bad cholesterol level with African Mango Diet Pills!

Very high cholesterol level in a body is scary and can be fatal wherein cholesterol is defined as fat produced by the liver. It can lead to Atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries; higher risk of coronary heart disease; heart attack, Angina, chest pain or discomfort, mild stroke to full blown stroke and other cardiovascular conditions that we are all trying to avoid as much as possible. It is caused by unhealthy eating habits such as eating foods that contain high calories especially those that have saturated fats. Some foods categorized under this are red meat, sausages, lard, hard cheese, cream, pastries, cakes and many more.

Not only does high cholesterol level lead to such conditions, it also means having really uncomfortable to painful symptoms such as leg pain when exercising, chest pains, blood clots and ruptured blood vessels, ruptured plaques and Xanthomas which are defined as thick yellow patches on the skin.

Now, isn’t it amazing that you can avoid all of these? As clinical studies show, men and women who are taking African Mango as supplement have an average of 39% reduction in cholesterol levels without any proven side effects. Very good news indeed!


Since its introduction to the market, African mango has gained incredible popularity. Right now it looks like the best choice for safe weight loss. But since it is so new to the market, the side effects from using the pills and the extract haven’t been fully discovered.

Even though health care professionals are raving about the use of African mango extract as a wonderful aid for weight loss, the only “proven” thing about the safety of African mango is the fact that it’s all organic and comes from the Mother Nature. If you are one of those people who are really cautious about your health, it is recommended that you wait until the official results come out before starting the African mango diet.

African Mango: The good way to go!

As Doctor Oz recommended, there should be three must haves in every person’s medicine cabinet and they are: Vitamin B, multivitamins and African Mango. Vitamin B helps in metabolizing fats, proteins and carbohydrates in our body, multivitamins helps in supplementing the body’s nutrients as people continue with weight loss or diet programs and he specifically mentioned African Mango, tagged as a super potent fiber, as the big factor in lowering our body’s cholesterol level.

Through his program, he encouraged people to get into the “Just 10 pounds” program, not only just to cut 2 inches of their belly fat in a few months- which was clinically proven and was conducted for the evaluation of Irvingia Gabonesis otherwise known as African Mango seeds using placebo as comparison – but also for their overall health maintenance and development. Not only did the clinical study proved that African Mango has more dramatic effect in weight loss than the placebo, it also showed that aside from the decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and suppression of one’s appetite, it also increases good cholesterol level known as high-density lipoprotein or HDL and increases energy due to its caffeine content which makes intake at night not advisable. It is stimulant free and for the most visible results, a 3 times daily dosage (150 mg) taken 30 minutes before meals is advised.

What is the African Mango? It’s a rare African rainforest fruit proven to burn body fat, without additional diets or exercises. The African Mango is found only in the rainforests of Cameroon Africa. This amazing latest discovery, will help you burn fat, 800% more efficient than any other products you can buy. To show you how effective this is, we will show you some subjects that used the African Mango for 1 month. In 28 days, most of them lost at least 12 lbs ( 5 kg ), eating anything they wanted, no additional diet.

Some Frequently Asked Question about African Mango review :

Q: How to use the African Mango pills for best results?

A: Nothing complicated. Take 3 pills daily, 30 minutes before meals.

Q: Is this safe? Can the African mango harm your health?

A: Few pills for weight loss are safe. But the pills with African Mango extract it’s one of the best. They does not contain any artificial stimulants. Lot of clinical studies have shown they are safe, and well-tolerated by your immune system. It helps you lose body fat naturally.

Q: Do I have to go to gym in order to see results?

A: No, the research and reviews shows 100% African Mango extract helped people lose weight, and belly fat, without doing exercises or going to gym. However, doing exercises, will only improve the process of losing weight. It’s recommended not to drink alcohol while taking the pills.

Q: How do I buy this amazing pure African mango pills?

A: Just follow the ” order now ” banner, and you will be redirected to a safe and secure website to pay.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to feel lighter inside and out, do it the most safe and effective way. Try African Mango Diet Pills today!

Here are some African Mango reviews, great success stories:

Hi, I am Steffany K. from Los Angeles. I am 37 years old, 5 foot and 4 inch, and also the mother of two. I had problems with my weight for the last few years. I gained over 36 pounds after the last child, and I become overweight. I tried many diets, working out, but nothing had results for me. I was so upset, and felt like I was never going to lose weight again. After all this methods I’ve tried, instead of losing weight, I was gaining more and more each month.The day i found about the magic african mango pills, it’s now my lucky day. I said “ I’ve got nothing to lose, will try this pills “. I placed my order and I received the pills in 7 days. I started taking African Mango, and I lost over 40 pounds, in 3 months. All I have done it’s take magical mango pills, drink lot of water, and ate nothing past 9 p.m. My body is so different now, I love it. I feel young and healthy again. This is the only method that worked for me to lose weight.

I am David L. from Texas and I am 27 years old. First of all I want to thank you for this amazing pills that you sell. I decided to buy this pills after trying lot of other weight loss products, that had no success. Few months ago, I was so embarrassed when I went to the swimming pool, everybody was looking at me, like I was a monster, but everything changed after 2 months of taking the pills with African Mango extract. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 2 months, without doing much. No exercise, just going to work every day, eating without restrictions, and walking in the park sometimes. I am totally impressed how effective this pills are, they can burn the fat without doing any harm to your health. It’s amazing how this little piece of fruit can do such miracles in such a short time. I also recommended this pills to my wife. Thanks to this new method of weight loss, we will both look younger.

Hi, I am Stephanie from California . I am sending you this mail as thanks for the amazing pills that helped me lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks. I have no time for exercises or work-out, because I work from 8 a.m to 6 p.m , this is also the reason I gained some weight lately. I really needed a method that can help me lose weight without any diets or exercises, and I am so glad that I found your website. Even if I am 35 years old, I feel like 20s again, after taking the mango pills. The only thing I’ve done it’s cut out all alcohol and fast food. THANK YOU!!


My name is Linda, and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. To be honest I was concerned before starting taking this pills, that they can harm my health, but now, I am more than happy I tried them. When I first bought the pills from your website, I went to my doctor, and ask him if they can do anything bad to my health. He laughed at me, and said there’s nothing that can destroy my immune system. So, I decided to give it a try. The price it’s a still for the results you get in such a short time. I lost 28 lbs in 30 days, that’s how effective they are. What else can I say? I am totally impressed, no diet needed, and also no exercises. I highly recommend to everybody.